Basic Obedience Dog Training

basic obedience dog training services

Basic Dog Obedience Class resolves around positive reinforcement approach that is highly conducive to rapid learning and retention. Unlike punishment-based techniques which can create unwanted side effects such as fear and distrust, a reward-based method creates a confident dog and harmonious home life.

Training begins with an orientation giving you a basic understanding of dogs think and how to create a healthy relationship with your pet-dog through Engagement. Engagement should be the basis of any training program that utilizes positive reinforcement. Once a handler understands the importance of engagement and how to obtain it we move into the basic behaviors like Sit, Down, Come, Controlled Walking and much much more.

We also include a problem-solving orientation where we go over pointers to assist you in issues pertaining to chewing, digging, barking, nipping, jumping, and any other unwanted behaviors your dog might be displaying. Socializing is encouraged throughout class to ensure your dog is comfortable working around other dogs.

Our desire by the end of this class is to have your dog listening obediently and enthusiastically to your every command. We want to help strengthen the bond between you and your dog for many years of happiness to come with your companion.

Training and socializing your dog as early as possible (after final puppy shots) is important. When you join a class, you will see improvements in your dog's general demeanor, behavior and happiness almost immediately.

Cost: $185.00
For dogs & puppies 14 weeks and up.
Duration: 4 weeks

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