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Competition Obedience Dog Training

Competition Obedience Dog Training

Competition Obedience Dog Training

Prodogz Dog Training is proud to offer a competitive dog training class. Whether you are working towards your Rally title, CD, Open or Utility title you are invited to join us. Competitive obedience is a fun, engaging and intuitive activity to do with your dog.

Is competitive obedience for me? Competitive obedience is based on high engagement, precision and dedication that goes beyond basic obedience. This style of training can be very rewarding but also requires a deeper level of commitment.

Do I have to have a purebred dog? No, all breeds and mixed breeds are welcome to do competitive obedience. Your dog does not have to be registered with the AKC, in fact many rescue dogs do very well with competitive obedience.

Requirements: Handlers are required to have some dog training experience, whether that be a passed client of Prodogz or another obedience school. Handlers are required to have some experience. Class is an ongoing class, meaning it never starts and never ends on certain dates, it goes all year long. Due to the intensity of the training class size is restricted to no more than a handful of handlers and dogs.

What will be the focus? Simply put, each person that comes to the class will be working on behaviors in order to obtain their designated title that they are working towards. Whether you need assistance in one particular area like “heeling” or “fronts” are you need assistance with an entire routine, you are welcome to join us. This class is geared towards helping you the handler and your dog ready for the title that you are pursuing.

Prerequisites: Any Dog
Duration: Weekly
Days: Every Wednesday
Time: 5-7pm

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Common Behaviors

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Pulls On The Leash

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Destructive Behavior

My dog chews up everything in my house.

Puppy Biting

My puppy keeps biting my family members.


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Does Not Come

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