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Prodogz Training Application

Dog Training Application

Prodogz dog training application to get started with Prodogz dog training class or private sessions.

Payment is due prior to the start of training.

No refunds

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Payment: After pressing the submit button you will be taken to a
confirmation page where you can prepay for your class. If you choose
to pay by check, please note that all classes must be prepaid prior to the
start date unless otherwise arranged.


Class/Training Application
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Class Information

Read our Terms and Conditions carefully before submitting you're application to Prodogz LLC. (Click Here to Read our Terms and Conditions)

(Please do not submit application, until you are ready to make your entry fee)

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Please make checks payable to:
Prodogz LLC
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Common Behaviors

Common dog training behavioral issues.

Dog Aggression

My dog acts aggressive towards other dogs.

Pulls On The Leash

My dog pulls on the leash when walking.

Destructive Behavior

My dog chews up everything in my house.

Puppy Biting

My puppy keeps biting my family members.


M dog jumps on myself and family members.

Does Not Come

My dog does not come when he or she is called.