Private Obedience Dog Training

Prodogz private dog training services

Prodogz Private One-On-One training is designed to target particular needs you the handler might be experiencing with your canine partner. Whether it may be jumping on strangers, not coming when called, stealing food off the table or difficulty with crate time, private one-on-one training can address those issues and others that you may be having. Many of our clients prefer one-on-one training over a classroom setting due to their dog having anxiety towards other dogs or for the flexible training schedule. Clients can book as many sessions as they feel beneficial to them and their dog and then use them at their own discretion.

Advantages to One-On-One Training

  • Evening training times to fit your availability.
  • One-on-one to help you learn more in a stress free environment.
  • One-on-one training designed to meet your dog’s personality, aptitude, social development, and your family’s goals".
  • Is your dog walking you? You learn how to teach your dog how to walk on leash.
  • Private lessons are very effective for the doggie owner who has the time to do the training but just happens to be stuck on how to fix the issues at hand with their dog.
  • You get to schedule appointments at a time convenient to you.
  • Learn why your dog is behaving in a certain way.
  • Gain the skills to easily change your dog’s behavior in a lasting manner.

How does it work?
Step 1. Initial consult. Quick phone consultation to discuss the problem behaviors and prioritize them according to your training goals.


Step 2. The training. We meet for subsequent private dog training sessions and work with you and your dog for 1 hour. You learn what is maintaining your dog’s bad behavior and what needs to be done to change it.


Cost: $75.00
For dogs & puppies 14 weeks and up.
Duration: As many as needed
Days: Flexible
Times: Flexible
Purchase: Buy Now
Call 541-608-2857


Jason did an amazing job training US. In turn we were able to teach our dog some great stuff! I highly recommend his program!

by Dorothy Griffiths
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Client Feedback

"Jason has a unique approach to training. I thoroughly enjoyed his Obedience class and the continuing education he generously provides." ~ Debbie Walt

"I have known Jason Lake/Prodoz for over 10 he has helped me with my GSD Josh, but also directed me to a breeder for my new GSD, Cooper. He's an excellent teacher and a dear friend!!" ~ Aude Espourteille

"Jason is an amazing instructor, trainer, and teacher, very focused on helping his clients, both 2 legged and 4!" ~ Elliott Grey