Aggression is one of the most common reasons pet owners seek professional help. But what really is aggression? Aggression can be due to guarding territory or protecting a family member, resource guarding, fear, frustration, prey drive, and/or pain. Aggression is typically viewed as any threat to harm an individual, whether this individual is human or another animal. There are many different forms of aggression, and it is important to determine the cause in order to appropriately deal with the issue at hand.

Reactivity: Reactivity is commonly confused with aggression. Dogs that are reactive are those that overreact to certain things or situations. Genetics, lack of proper socialization, or a combination of the two can cause reactivity, and fear is typically the driving force. Reactive dogs may have certain triggers, such as men with beards or hats, small children, or situations when the dog feels trapped by being on a leash.

Solution: Working with dog reactivity and human reactivity takes a specialized skill set. Over the past 25 years Jason has worked with hundreds of dogs that have reactive issues. It’s a common miss belief that reactivity is a product of a dogs dominance or the need to be the leader of the pack. This is far from the truth, most dogs that show aggressive tendencies are reacting to insecurities or stress. When working on these issues it’s imperative that we work on it in a private one-on-one session in order to make sure that both the dog and handler are kept safe while also controlling the environment the dog is being trained in.

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