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Class Schedule

Mondays: Basic Obedience Class
(4 Weeks) Jan 10th 2022 6-7pm

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Fridays: Puppy Pre-school class
(3 Weeks) Jan 7th, 2022
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Private Training: Always Available!!
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Basic Obedience Class

This basic manners group class is designed to help you and your dog learn and practice basic obedience training like sit, come, down, loose-leash walking and much much more. Dogs of any age welcome.

Preschool Puppy Class

Puppies have developmental stages during which time it is critical to teach good habits and prevent undesirable behaviors. This class will teach you and your dog crate training, not jumping on people not not biting.

Private Obedience Training

Private one-on-one instruction covers basic obedience in and around the house, with on and off-leash control. You will learn how to communicate with your dog and solve basic behavior problems.

CGC Preparation Class

Class The CGC Prep Course focuses on practicing and perfecting the CGC Test Items, and will be followed by a CGC Test Night. The purpose of the program is to ensure that our favorite companion.

Common Behaviors

Common dog training behavioral issues.

Dog Aggression

My dog acts aggressive towards other dogs.

Pulls On The Leash

My dog pulls on the leash when walking.

Destructive Behavior

My dog chews up everything in my house.

Puppy Biting

My puppy keeps biting my family members.


M dog jumps on myself and family members.

Does Not Come

My dog does not come when he or she is called.

Dog Training Near Me?

Prodogz Offers puppy training classes, dog training classes, dog obedience training, private training and service dog training in the Rogue Valley.

Puppy Training Near Me?

New puppy? We can help! We offer a wide range of training options tailored to puppies including Puppy Class, Socialization, Nutrition Ideas, Developmental Feedback, and proper puppy training classes in Medford, OR and all of the Rogue Valley.

About Our Philosophy

Our training programs are based on clear communication and positive reinforcement. We believe training dogs is not about being the "Leader Of The Pack" but instead working with your dog with science-based methodology. We base training on "Engagement" instead of fear-based techniques. So if you are looking for dog obedience classes or dog obedience school near you that teaches positive reinforcement techniques Prodogz should be your first choice.

Dog Training Class Prices

Dog training should be affordable for everyone, Prodogz offers competitive dog training prices on our puppy training classes, basic obedience classes and private sessions. Affordable dog training near me is something that dog owners are searching for on a daily basis. This is why we offer dog training prices to Rogue Valley residents. Some of our clients find us when they’re looking for dog obedience boarding school at reasonable prices. Although Prodogz does not offer boarding schools we do offer competitive dog training prices.

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