Shelties: Excellent Obedience Dogs That Are Easy to Train

Shelties are fantastic obedience dogs and can easily be trained. These adorable, intelligent pups need to learn basic obedience commands to make life easier for both the dogs and their families. With their strong drive to herd, untrained Shelties are at risk of serious harm if they escape from their yards and decide to run after cars or other dangerous objects. Additionally, Shelties need plenty of socialization to prevent them from becoming shy and fearful of anything outside their homes. Once they start the chase, it can be challenging to stop them.

Start Early with Puppy Classes

Puppy classes are a great way to start your Sheltie on its training journey. We offer a three-week puppy class that covers a wide variety of behaviors, including not biting, not jumping, crate training, and confidence-building games. Your Sheltie will also have the opportunity to socialize with other puppies under six months of age. Imagine your little Sheltie making friends and learning to play nicely—it's as cute as it sounds!

Basic Obedience for Older Shelties

For Shelties that are over six months of age, we highly recommend our basic obedience class. This four-week class covers essential behaviors such as come, sit, down, and stay. However, what good are the basics if you don’t have a quality relationship with your dog? Our classes are designed to help dog owners create a solid foundation with their dogs through play and engagement. Think of it as a fun way to bond with your Sheltie while teaching them good manners.

Private Sessions for Specific Needs

If classes are not what you’re looking for, we highly recommend one of our private sessions. A one-hour private session can help identify particular needs you may have with your Sheltie and address those needs in a more private setting. In these sessions, we can focus on behaviors such as resource guarding, dog reactivity, and impulse control around cars, bicycles, and other motorized vehicles. It's like having a personal trainer for your Sheltie, focusing on their unique challenges and quirks.

Why Choose Prodogz?

At Prodogz, we specialize in dog training in Medford, Southern Oregon, and the Rogue Valley. Our experienced trainers use positive reinforcement techniques to ensure that your Sheltie gets the best possible training. We’re here to help you and your furry friend achieve a harmonious and happy relationship.

Get Started Today!

So, if you own a Sheltie or Sheltie mix, don’t wait to start training. Call Prodogz today to schedule your private one-on-one session or to sign up for one of our basic obedience classes. Your Sheltie will thank you for the opportunity to become a well-mannered member of the family.

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