If you are getting a Husky or have just started training one, you might wonder whether Huskies are easy to train. Huskies are well known for being difficult to train. Huskies are intelligent and independent, which can come across as stubborn. So while your Husky will learn fast during training, you need to be extra careful with your approach to train them properly.

Prodogz offers a simple but scientific approach to dog training for your Husky. Our training is based on motivating your dog and not forcing your dog to do something they do not want to do. Our three-week puppy classes, perfect for Huskies that are under six months of age.

If your Husky is over six months of age, than our basic obedience class would fit all your training needs. Our three-week puppy preschool class covers behaviors such as biting, jumping, crate training and confidence building games to help build a solid foundation for your Husky puppy. Besides training, our three-week puppy class offers socialization skills with other puppies under six months of age.

For Huskies that are over six months of age, we highly recommend our basic obedience class. Our basic obedience class is a four-week class will recover a plethora of different behaviors such as sit, down, stay, come in many other commands. Much like a puppy class, we also work on creating a better relationship between you and your Husky utilizing play and engagement.

If your Husky is not quite ready for a group class, then a private session would be best. A one-hour private session would allow us to address behavior such as pulling, resource guarding, dog reactivity and any other unwanted behaviors.

So if you own a Siberian Husky or Siberian Husky mix then call Prodogz today to schedule your private one-on-one session or to sign up for one of our basic obedience classes. Call Jason at 541-608-2857 Email: [email protected].