Dog Training Articles

  • Prodogz article on potty training your puppy. Prodogz dog training in Medford Oregon

    Potty Training

    If there is one thing that new puppy owners hate over anything else, that is trying to potty train their brand new puppy.


  • Prodogz article on teaching your dog to stop barking. Prodogz dog training in Medford Oregon

    Stop Barking

    Teaching your dog not to bark is relatively easy, however it does take some particular techniques and timing. Read more..


  • Prodogz Article on introducing your dog to the leash. Prodogz dog training

    Leash Training

    Dog & Puppy owners don't always think about teaching their dogs how to walk properly on the leash from puppy hood.


  • Prodogz Article on the type of treats to use when training your dog. Prodogz dog training in Medford Oregon.

    Training Rewards

    When it comes to dog training rewards new trainers seem to put little thought into what they should use but they should.


When it comes to your dog the proper information and techniques is crucial. At Prodogz our goal is to put families and their dog's first. Whether you glean information from our website or call Jason Lake or some friendly advice our number one goal to make sure that you have success with your puppy or dog. Keep checking back for more dog training articles on how to raise your puppy an adult dog. From potty training and leash training to learning how to drop stolen items Prodogz of Medford Oregon is your number one resource for dog training information in the entire rogue Valley in southern Oregon. Please visit our Schedule page to see when our next basic obedience class is scheduled to start or call Jason at P: 541-608-2857 to schedule your one-on-one private training session with you and your dog. Happy Training

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"Jason has a unique approach to training. I thoroughly enjoyed his Obedience class and the continuing education he generously provides." ~ Debbie Walt

"I have known Jason Lake/Prodoz for over 10 he has helped me with my GSD Josh, but also directed me to a breeder for my new GSD, Cooper. He's an excellent teacher and a dear friend!!" ~ Aude Espourteille

"Jason is an amazing instructor, trainer, and teacher, very focused on helping his clients, both 2 legged and 4!" ~ Elliott Grey